Elisa Pomar (Ibiza)

Our founder and creative director was born in Ibiza and is the direct successor of the renowned Pomar family. The ancient lineage of jewelers of Ibiza and Formentera. Five generations of artisans with all the savoir-faire of centuries of experience and expertise in the handcrafted jewelry.

Elisa’s great-grandfather was known in Ibiza as “the King’s jeweler” because Spanish King Alfonso XIII bought him the jewels for his lovers.

Elisa is a new artisan, a contemporary and cosmopolitan woman with an impressive universe.

Her unlimited creativity and contribution to contemporize the island heritage and culture was awarded by the Council of Ibiza (Consell d’Eivissa) in 2016 with the Gold Medal of the Island. The most valued prize for her.

She never stops creating and in jewelry she dares to do the most elaborated and difficult works. Her last contribution to the island has been the Crown of the Virgin of the “Mare de Déu del Roser” (Sta. Eulària).

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Exquisite filigree with a contemporary aesthetic.

Elisa Pomar is the jewelry brand of Ibiza. Founded in 2008 by Elisa with the purpose to contemporize the rich jewelry tradition of the island, especially the stunning ”emprendada”, and honor her family heritage. This brand is a continuation of the Pomar family legacy, the lineage of jewelers of Ibiza and Formentera since 1850 and masters of the artisan handcrafted jewelry.

The unique and iconic pieces are a tribute to the island traditions, a perfect combination of this ancestral wisdom and the unlimited creativity of one of the most talented creators of Ibiza. Limited edition pieces with Elisa's signature.

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